I have found it very useful lately to set or check my “intention” in any given situation. 

It’s a term the hippies use and it didn’t mean much to me before.

The other day I read a Facebook post from a fairy princess with pink hair that outlined an experience she had on a Sydney ferry. 

A fella started talking to her and she politely replied. They chatted for a while and she consciously set her “intention”. Her intention, as she described it, was to act as a social being and to be friendly to someone that chatted to her. At the end of the trip the fella asked her if she wanted dinner, and she politely declined. 

She noted this was the first time in years that she had allowed herself to engage with a male that approached her in a solo situation. Previously, she said she would have shut down and made sure he knew to go away – for fear of hurting his feelings; sending the wrong impression; getting into trouble. ?

The point is, he has to own his perception of the situation. She can set her intention and then allow him to own it. 

The trick is to make sure your intention is honest in your own self. 

I find it easy to fool myself with an “intention”, and then behave (perhaps subconsiously) differently.  This takes some thinking, some maturity, and some willingness to accept outcomes that you should reasonably have seen coming.The “oh I didn’t Intend that to happen?!” has to come with some authenticity. There has to be some reasonable diligence in your setting the thing. 

These are just rambling because it’s all a new idea to me. But I now see the value. This is a guide as to what you can allow others to own. And a guide to make sure you play your part in that. 



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