Skin deep 

I had a facial this morning. 

It struck me that life would be much simpler if I could believe in pseudoscience. The beautician said at least three things that didn’t make sense. 

Firstly, the cream she is giving me (cleanser) which I apply topically, is changing my hormones. Not likely. 

Secondly, the antioxidant cream she is giving me will kill my skin’s accumulated bad bacteria. Not likely. 

Thirdly, natural sugars are ok for my skin. Not what I understand. Instead the natural sugars are actually slightly worse systematically, which manifests skinnily

What she seems to have failed to realise is that my skin can’t really be radically changed topically (is my guess). The skin is the place where the underlying chemistry plays out. At best she can remove old cells, hydrate and control the oil production but it has to be quicker to go inside out. 

In any case, I feel better for doing it and I am happy to suspend belief and use her products. 



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