I used to think it would be fun being a psychologist. 

Now I think that in any job in which you desire to make a difference you are setting yourself up for failure. 

What I mean is, I liked the idea of helping people. As distinct from just doing the work. But people are slow, mostly stupid and largely irritating. And any job whose satisfaction depended on other people changing is only gonna end in tears. That’s my guess. 

In my present job, I solve little logic puzzles, each one of them different. They are presented as documents which I review, identity issues, respond to an authority, and argue and suck it and see. The outcome really doesn’t matter. The technology doesn’t matter. The overall strategy or system doesn’t mater when considering one little puzzle. This is probably why my current job doesn’t drive me crazy and instead, today, allows me a place to hide. 

Today I am irritated with the world. I can’t have things my own way. I want to be closer to someone I love but the solution to getting there isn’t immediately obvious. This is eroding my joy today. Probably a psychologist would help me. I am a puzzle open to being solved. I would tell him he changed me. It might just make his job worthwhile for today. You wouldn’t catch me doing it though. 



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