I have been reading about Marxism. My friend’s dad is a member of the IMHO (international Marxist Humanist Organisation) and it seems to have ended up being a bother. 

I admit I don’t really understand Marxism. It looks like something to do with complaints about capitalism causing social divide (haves and have-nots) which ultimately pushes us into socialism or communism. The oscillation then begins again as that model likely isn’t satisfactory either. 

Having read the IMHO website I am not entirely sure what they stand for other than equality. They just seem to want change. Which seems like a lot of whining but then I suppose unfavourable conditions will do that, so I can’t judge. 

I suspect once they get the change they desire the Marxists will all become capitalists and then banter for change that way. Ultimately they just seem to want what they don’t have. 

It looks exhausting. 

(As an aside the photo below is the new road near my house, which they made around the car that was parked on the street. Somehow this photo seemed appropriate). 



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