Last night I had a horrible screaming sort of unsettled too hot weird sort of half-sleep experience.

Eventually, I decided to wake up properly to see what was happening. It felt like that boundary between my conscious and subconscious had been breached, and all the analysis and junk underneath was creeping into my thinking. 

I felt hot so I took a couple of panadol and then tried to go into my body and look around. Surprisingly, I found I couldn’t go down in there. It was almost as if it was busy and kept pushing me away. 

In which case, it got me wondering if my awful overthinking  dreamlike state was less a breach into my subconscious, and more a crowding of sensations from my mind as my body shut off from putting sensation in and focused (or panicked) on healing. Maybe while we sleep the body is supposed to dominate as the major input. 

That doesn’t really make sense because what are dreams then? Maybe the altered state of conciousness during sleep requires a complete openness between mind and body and if the body part of the loop shuts off the mind gets too much feedback which amplifies. 

I did a little jiggle and told my body what the effect was systemically. Either the crazy or the panadol did the trick because I can’t remember what happened next. 



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