The Power of Not Now 

I am new to living in the Now.

Having said that, I have always felt/required that my needs and feelings should be dealt with “now” as a sort of immediate concern. 

If I felt something bad, the panic to dissipate it felt like it had to be done right now. 

If I was anxious about something the desire to solve the problem right now was quite overwhelming.

What I have found is that if you occupy the “now”, the need to fix or plan everything “now” is sort of usurped (?). 

It’s almost as if the more of your experience is in the “now”, the less it can be filled with other stuff. 

If “you” exit the now and live in the past or future, the now is somehow taken up with the gas of other things like panic and control and urgency. 

Right now this is very relaxing. Problems can roll away with a little push of not-now, I’m in the now. 




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