This is the presence of a small amount of other people’s cells in your body. 

Most typically it occurs during pregnancy when fetal cells pass from mother to child. You then carry your child’s DNA with you. The situation can persist for many years. 

(Microchimerism is also common between twins where placentas fused invivo and caused cell transfer.)

The way it has been detected as a “phenomenon” is following tests on women, which revealed the presence of male DNA in their bodies. 

Spookily, the researchers also found male DNA in women (non twins) that had no children yet. The hypothesis is that intercourse (sex) can result in taking on some of the other person’s DNA. For some reason the researchers never tested sexually inactive women and instead simply threw out “sex” as a hypothesis for the invader DNA. The hippies are presently having a field day on my FB feed with the idea that there is science! behind bad-sex juju. 

The impact of microchimerism is unknown. Some argue it causes autoimmune disorders; others day it can actually increase resistance to some diseases including cancer. According to the hippies it can only be bad to fill yourself with other people’s cells. But surely there are some they would all like to have inside them?Like some famous Mr Happy Guru that could permanently fill you with his good juju cell vibrations. 

I can see another website coming on… match-making for microchimerism  donors. 



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