I wonder why there is a tendency to edit out the undesirables in order to project the living of a utopian lifestyle. 

By utopian I mean that the story presented to the world is that everything is awesome, when in fact it make not be. It might be broken, wobbly, awful. 

You see it on Facebook – that almost al the reports are positive ones of happy families and good times. 

Why do people remove erroneous data points, sweep mistakes under the carpet and edit out the crap?

Maybe they don’t. Maybe we just see the Facebook feeds – which are likely to just be the good stuff – and get a social bias. 

In fact if I look at my closer circle I find it’s far from utopic as reported. My mum is stressed, my dad is anxious, my work colleague is depressed, and so on. Their Facebook pages don’t say that by their conversation does. 

I don’t expect they report those things on Facebook because it’s a public profile – a visual blog of social niceties. 

So you can’t confuse social media profiles with real world situations. The social media is advertising, marketing, shapes and colours. 



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