I wrote an excellent long blog yesterday on philanthropy. Then my phone fucked up and failed to save it properly. It was probably the best blog I have ever written (well I can say that, since it’s gone). 

In short, for my own personal record here are some summary points:

1. I give 40% of my salary to government in the form of tax 

2. I accept the government chooses which things – “charities” – to spend it on. Infrastructure, schools, hospitals 

3. Government selects based on issues that are appealing to the masses (rather than bespoke). This seems fair since it’s a communal pot of gold 

4. If I wish to back a bespoke and small charity of interest to only a few people,  I have to fork out for that myself 

5. Indeed I do give money to small personal charities of perceived value. I give money to my kids school, I buy my friends coffees and beers and tickets and movies (a kind of charity), I give a small amount as alumni to my uni, I tip good service. I am generous in giving money away in consideration for the comfort or enjoyment of people I like or care about 

6. If a charity receives enough bespoke contributions the government should consider bringing it under their auspices since their assessment of its perceived communal value may be incorrect (eg Red Cross)

7. I see no reason to give money away simply for the sake of it (perhaps I mean to strangers). The only reason I would do this is to make myself feel better (altruistic) which is at odds with the giving. Instead, if I felt that I had too much money I would lobby for a change in the system that made all people at my level give more 

8. If I did give money away to salve some guilt, I would do it anonymously 

9. I would not seek to track my charitable donation. If people take charity money for personal profit then so be it. They must need the money for some reason even if its the sin of greed 

10. If I needed charity, I would take it without hesitation and without guilt 



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