Body talk 

Recently, I started a workshop which requires that I identify with the yoni part of my body.

Yoni is vagina, clitoris, lips, womb, ovaries, abdomen. The kit and caboodle. 

I’m not convinced that my yoni (referred to by the group in the third person “she”) is a seperate part from the other parts of my body. But I’m prepared to explore the idea.

We each had to write a post outlining what our yoni would say if she had a voice. Like: hi, you have ignored me for so long. Why have you allowed me to be used for others pleasure, but you have overlooked me for yourself. Why are we so disconnected. 

I found the whole thing intriguing reading report after report that was almost identical. Disconnection, sadness, anger, shame. It’s a very common theme around women and their association with their yonis.

I am curious to know what the male theme is. Is it easier to connect to the penis because you can see it and it can give so much self pleasure. Men seem to have a loving relationship with their cocks. Or at least they are great mates. A friend of mine once joked: ah we are talking about cock? My cock is my favourite topic of conversation. To which he collapsed in fits of giggles, although I expect he was only half joking. 

I suppose there may be parts of our body in which we hold certain associations. The yoni would be sexual association, of course. Which could mean most women feel a bit sad-mad about their sexual experiences. 

I’m curious as to what other parts of my body would say. I might give them all a voice to see what comes out. Why should my yoni get centre stage. It might by my kidneys that have the most to say. 


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