Photos of kids 

Some people are concerned about posting photos of kids online. I am not.

Under any circumstance where someone has a different view from me, I am always curious to understand their position – maybe I missed something, maybe they have a point and I need to adjust my views; so I have been listening. 

Here are the issues as I see them:

1. A paedophile might get the image of my child and use it as pornography. 

Really? I expect little pervs are beating off every day all over the glossy magazined face of Taylor Swift. She seems fully functional despite her unknown electronic use. 

I fail to see how this has any impact on my kids, or on me or any of my friends, since we are all unlikely to ever know anything about it. This is purely an imagination gone terrorist. 

2. My kids lose control of their public profiles 

The argument here is that upon reaching electronic maturation, my children may wish to carve their own public profiles, free from any electronic story I may have created for them. That video clip of them throwing snowballs might cause their cool-ranking to drop a few notches?

This argument has some merit in that they have a right to own their own shit. By let’s face it, as soon as they are released into the digital mire, they are likely to populate their profiles with drunk-selfies and topless-mistakes. Any media past I have created (purely amateurly) isn’t likely to be more than a pimple on the amount of crappola they will clog the pipes with. And all their mates will have similar electronic histories. Baby photos are (in case you haven’t noticed) ubiquitous. 

Again I fail to see how having a digital footprint is an unbearable risk. 

3. A future potential employer might be deterred by an image of my kid 

Crikey, you mean my employer is unaware that I used to be a child that pooped my pants? 

I admit I was once not as large and wise as I am now. And my kids will one day be bigger and smarter. Neither of these things seem like unobvious statement that will be brought to light by electronic imagery.

Stupid argument, and I don’t plan to discuss it further. 

4. A small child does not give consent for their image to be used. 

This argument is all over the Internet, and it’s related to some of the points above. 

I counter that my child also did not consent for me to put him in ridiculous blue pants and to wipe his arse when it’s covered in shit. 

You have no ability to consent as a child, which is why being a parent is such a responsibility. The consent argument is just too difficult to resolve with all other areas of a child’s life. I reject it. 

5. Someone may be able to find out where my kids live. 

Curious. I have often found it necessary to expressly reveal where my kids live. For example if I am ordering a taxi for us all. …?

6. A potential tinder date may be deterred by the fact I am a mother 

Ah, this argument has some merit. Apparently some people swipe left (reject) if they see a profile photo of a chick with a kid. Or if they do some research, they might find that outside of being a lingerie model the potential date builds Lego robots with her son or has two daughters that dress like Elsa and Anna. 

This might not be the no-strings, no-baggage profile that someone is looking for. 

So it seems posting photos of your kids online could affect your ability to get a root. 

I’m starting to see why people get so angry about this stuff. 



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