Exit through the gift shop – a Banksy film 

Its a genius documentary. Made by the famous street artist Banksy about the filmmaker that came to capture him on camera. 

The artist turns filmmaker to film the filmmaker turn artist. 

The best part of it is the dissonance in the mind of the filmmaker (Banksy) who has spent a lifetime raging against the Club. Using his street art to subvert Zombie thinking. But he finds himself envious and dissmissive of a fellow who turns to his trade (street art) and who breaks all the rules to get the top; outside of Banksys expectations of how it should be done, and worse still revealing a new “Club” Banksy had inadvertently made for himself. 

He wasn’t as free as he thought he was. Aren’t we all in the same boat. 

Of course being an evil genius, he sees the irony and his own hipocracy and he subtly plays it out  on the screen. He’s a very cool dude. 

It’s clever, but there’s a hint of meanness to it. Almost a controlled or subconscious Banksy tantrum revealed in the subtext. Almost a wickedness to it that sort of … disappoints me. But also I understand. 

By far, it’s the most genius doco I’ve seen for a while. Which in some ways leaves the taste of his annoyance more tintedly because it’s unnecessary. He leaves his real genius to shine through. That Banksy fella. He shows his disdain and his disdain at his disdain in the least hypocritical way that he can. 

And then he swears never to let another filmmaker film him doing art. 



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