Pulp Fiction 

I went to a place in myself last night called absolute surrender. It was assisted by the inhalation of illegal substances, which (in the form of a spliff) were thust under my nose by a conspiratorial cougar in the casino bar. Three big tokes and I was tripping my proverbial nuts off. On the dance floor in tight-fitting black and white stripes, it was just me and my buddy Mark dancing to the live band. There were of course plenty of other heeled-hoppers on the wooden boards, but my field of view and experience was narrowed to exactly just him in front of me. And we were tearing it up John and Uma, Pulp Fiction style. And I was laughing my head off. The posse of 19 year-old boys to our right was sort of gaping at us like a bunch of puppies not quite sure what to make of the two 40 something’s demolishing the night and showing them the rightful exuberant how to have a good time. They gave me this feeling of incredible embodied wisdom, by which I mean – using them as a point of reference I could feel and hold all of my life experience, and enjoy my complete acceptance of my older self. On the way out of the bar, rugged up and ready to leave, another song floated over the waves of people. We were almost at the door, but my legs still wanted to dance. In the space at the entrance I grabbed Mark, whipped my coat open and threw it dramatically at the wall and did a sensational spin. At which point he similarly derobed and threw his coat away and we proceeded to funk our way through some random beat much to the amusement of the more sedate crowd and bodyguards at the exit. I genuinely cut loose, I couldn’t see or feel a single one of them except my dance partner that was similarly spiritually released. My body was in complete control – In fact, it was partying while my brain was vegetating on the chemicaloids and shovel loads of tequila I had poured into it. My body was partying and having the absolute fecking time of its life. My other parts of self had surrendered to the event and let the arms and legs take over. For this reason, it truly was one of my most favourite nights of all time. 



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