Choosing Consciousness 

It had never occurred to me that we have social conditioning around our state of consciousness.

That guy just blew my mind. 

The thrust of his argument is that instead of being revered, the dream state is persecuted in our society. We are imprisoned for having even small amounts of substances that can alter our consciousness. The only drugs we tolerate are the mild and most useless ones like nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. 

This is at odds with how things were in ancient communities like, for example, in Egyptian communities. He argues that in those groups, mind altering, consciousness altering substances were embraced. They were a part of life’s journey. 

I am afraid of altered states of consciousness, and for the first time I wonder why. 

His point is that I have been lead to this fear because my current state of consciousness makes me most productive. My alert state makes me an excellent consumer. It makes me materialistic. It’s good for politics, capitalism and generally helps to create societies of little working hum-ants, building and creating and turning the cogs of the corporate Kingdom. 

Fuck. It never even occurred to me that I had a right to choose my mind state. Thats the thing with social conditioning. 

He argues that our collective state of alert consciousness isn’t working. We are all fucking miserable. Even the best of us considering the empty meaning of existence and thinking about chucking it all in to go and run a pig farm. Instead, we should be having the odd altered state of consciousness to keep us feeling alive. 

Funnily enough I was just peddling this notion earlier today. The idea that by shifting into a different realm we can feel more fulfilled. I was arguing for a form of social interaction that shocks and jolts and effectively shifts the brain into such hallucinogenic states – in my argument it was (ignorantly) without the use of drugs. Although just yesterday, coincidentally, I had suggested a desire to try that. I can see that if used wisely, there is a role for chemical enhancement. 

Bring on the fucking tee pee. 



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