I was born asleep 

Today, I did a guided regression back to when I was a sperm and an egg.

Apparently, if the sperm enters the egg too aggressively, we can hold that trauma as adults. We can feel violated.

Yeah. I hear ya.

Anyways, the idea was to regress, experience and then recapitulate but on our own terms. 

As far as guided meditations go, I got quite into it. I embodied being an egg and I got quite wiggly being the sperm.   I still have some of the mental imagery for some reason. 

I didn’t like to point out that at no point could the egg or sperm cells have been me – being that they are half cells, but it seemed too fine a point. 

As the stories were told there was a reverence at how the events as experienced were playing out in each persons every day life. As if the point of conception had somehow affected our adult behaviour.

Again, I didn’t like to point out that perhaps the recollection and imagination of the event used our current behavioural and psychological  imagery. That this was a cleary case of chicken before the egg.  

The regression went on to reliving our actual births. I must have fallen asleep (which is not like me) because I don’t remember being born at all. Now there’s a minefield for me to mine. Apparently, I was born asleep. 



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