The gap between two nuances

If cognitive dissonance is the gap between two nuances, it could be argued that a first nuance is derived from the limbic (emotional brain) and a second nuance is derived from the neocortex (rational/thinking brain).

The dissonance gap widens from the fixed, first limbic derived nuance. In other words, the first nuance is an unmovable base. If there is no dissonance gap, then your thinking and your emotions overlap. The gap can widen when you override your emotions and push up to the second nuance. In this circumstance, how you feel and how you act can be quite different. The root of cognitive dissonance.

Your ability to tolerate cognitive dissonance will determine how much you can be influenced by the second nuance. If you cannot tolerate cognitive dissonance, then likely you wont be able to act on or integrate your second rational derived nuance. You will instead be an emotional being. If you are able to tolerate cognitive dissonance then chances are you will be a more rational (maybe logical) being.

When I say tolerate, I don’t necessarily think that all forms of toleration are healthy. The ability to deny the dissonance gap can result in robotic disconnected behaviour that can isolate a person from society. Instead the toleration should be a mindful as possible, and the ability to collapse to the first nuance should be at least forgiven under stressful circumstances.


2 thoughts on “The gap between two nuances

  1. It’s not really cognitive dissonance though: which is something like how I think things should be and how I think things actually are. Hence the “cognitive” part. It needs a new word; like psychological dissonance

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