The Mirror

Today my husband (… wedded legally but not spiritually) was telling me about his work and he was talking about the decisions they are making in his business. Basically, they are trying to set up the boundaries of what his business will tolerate. 

For the sake of this conversation, let’s call it a risk framework. 

I made a comment that I wouldn’t mind such an assessment done on myself. To establish my boundaries and outline a risk framework into which I could drop scenarios and test them against the pre-agreed tolerances. 

He immediately retorted he would be pleased to do the analysis on me but I would not like the outcome.  


On reflection I’m not sure what he meant.

I do find his attitude to me dissatisfying. What I mean is, his desire not to accept behaviours in me he does not like. 

What limitation does this reflect in me?

Is it as simple as I simply have to accept that is how he is?

It’s so double-negative with a spinning double back-flip. 

But I see the logic. I can’t much whinge about him trying to change me. Since that, my dear, is quite clearly me trying to change him. 

And he has never been any different.


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