Memory Lane 

Nothing like the metaphor of going back to your past and finding it dug up to shit and completely ripped of anything like how you recall it. 

I’m sitting in a bar that used to be an old favourite – about 15 years ago when I was a girl in my early 20’s. Now it’s sucked of character. Modern and unappealing. 

There is more nostalgia in this experience than I can shake a stick at. 

The important thing for me to think is that this experience (of attempted pleasurable nostalgia) does not replace the memories I have. There is a tendency (mine) to think it’s spoiled if it’s not exactly how I recall it. 

Instead this experience (good or bad) triggers the old memories and they are all good! I can even remember what I was wearing once while sitting on this exact stool (because I looked smokin’ hot and I was having an awesome time with it). 

As I recall it, I used that ATM to draw out $100 I didn’t have, so I could buy more strawberry daiquiris. And I was so worried about spending the money! Jeez I’m glad I did. Not a daiquiri in sight now x 



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