Chances are 

On the lottery: I explained to my kids yesterday that all we need to do is buy one ticket for about a dollar, and we might win $5,000,000.

They looked at me incredulously. And just sat with their mouths gaping open. 

Then they said: so why don’t we do it?! We will almost certainly win!

I explained that if everyone won, there wouldn’t be 5mil in the pot. But they were not deterred. 

Staring at the ticket, they are almost certain it is worth 5 million dollars. They can hardly believe I am carrying it so casually in my handbag. 

They have already started spending the money. My son wants a new set of computer games. My daughter is on a clothes shopping spree of the mind. 

If you were to plot the optimism of winning the lottery against age, you would find a very strong decline in enthusiasm as age increases. 

Unless we win on Tuesday. 

Then they may never adjust their winning optimism. And they will be gamblers forever. 

At least the winnings won’t last long. 



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