Fuck the Schema 

Let’s imagine that like a computer I have programs I run in my brain that, pretty much, result in the same outcome every time I experience a familiar situation. 

Pah, yes, maybe, but life is too short for some of my schema to take me round and round. 

I’m on a mission generally:

Critique myself

Learn and discover

Find potential solutions

Execute solution

Validate effectiveness


I have already found hundreds of dodgy schema and they are surprisingly easy to unpick. 

Sometimes they need a change in thinking (neuro linguistic programming); sometime they need input or observation from another person; sometimes they need actual felt experience. 

To experience the felt, I have done some unusual things and even asked people to make fake situations or say fake things so I can adjust how I “think” I will feel to be in line with how I actually feel. 

It’s not a burden for me to undertake this project to rewrite some of my schema. It’s actually very liberating. Assuming you can commit to change (or at least don’t fear it). It takes me closer to who I feel I really am. With each step I feel more and more like I am going in the right direction. 

I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me.



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