The Female Asshole 

Movies, books, conversations between girls over wine, facebook, other … There’s plenty of examples of girls taking about guys and claiming they are “assholes” for not committing; or fucking them and not calling; or dating them and not marrying. 

How many characters, from how many TV seasons, could I point out that depict men that are “cads”. Loveable womanisers that are tolerated, but frowned upon. 

As a guy, if you are “just not that into her” it’s pretty easy to identify with your behaviour and template it over the images portrayed in all kinds of social media. 

I insist that it’s easier to feel the distaste at being a male asshole because the impact of your behaviour is amplified by the billions of scorned women publicly telling their story. 

As a woman, it’s more difficult to see the behaviour in yourself. What I mean is: Women can act in the same way as fellas and be rouges, but they don’t seem to be villanised. There’s an impression that men can look after themselves. Or even that the men are getting something from the deal aka a root. 

Look at Samantha in Sex in the City. She’s a liberated female fuck icon. The men aren’t thought of as victims. 

And yet, I would say men are just as sensitive as women to asshole behaviour. It’s just not as publicly berated. 

Maybe we need some men to get together and make a movie. Let’s call it: Waiting to exhale (burp + fart). 



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