The Greatest Casserole in the World 

I just accidentally made the most delicious casserole in the universe. 

So that I don’t forget the recipe, I’m posting it here. Including all details, because I don’t know what was important in the making it so devine. 


4 thick slices of cows leg including bones (osso bucco)

1 onion chopped up in a hurry because porridge was burning 

2 ginormous carrots including their tops I usually throw away 

All the pieces of celery (about 5) that were not too mouldy (note celery had been in fridge way too long)

1 punnet of sliced mushrooms – looking tired

1 partially eaten bag of shredded salad stuff (beetroot, carrot and broccoli strips) 

2 big tomatoes I found at the bottom of fridge (mould chopped off)

2 cans of tomatoes (one with oregano; one with some kind of other herbs) 

2 beef oxo cubes 

A small pile of salt 

Water to cover it all and make it look like it wouldn’t burn once slow cooked 

Half a bag of dates (didn’t really need this) 


Auto for about 10 hours 


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