The Problem with Gaseousness

And there was me thinking I learn something once I write out a blog. I wrote this a year ago and I still agonisze over the same affliction. Swimming in a fish bowl.

polarbear87's Blog

A superego full of expectation might force you to behave in certain way. Especially you God squadders – always having to be good because God is watching. It must be exhausting all that denial and conformism.

I thought I was free from the superego web in so far as I have very few expectations of how things should be (under some circumstances). I don’t think I should be virtuous all the time. I don’t think I should be perfect all the time. I think most social constructs are bullshit.

(Having said that, I have uncovered a surprisingly strong tendency to contribute to my relationship’s superego. Here I have found quite strong expectations as to how things “should” be between a loving couple. I am not saying I live up to them. That’s the beauty of the superego, you can have it and not conform to it. The ego can broker…

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