That Killer Instinct

Based on my experience in this female body, that I’ve taken dancing a few times, I can tell you that there are lots of different kinds of males. Different in all sorts of ways. 

One way in which they differ is how they “chat you up”. The chatting often being an invitation to something more physical and less conversational. 

As the female, I am more likely to be the gatekeeper as to whether the words dissolve to grunts. I might give hints that I am interested, or not interested. Some members of the hairier sex are better attuned to the subtexts. 

Some guys will go for the kill early. Just lay it all out on the table so there’s no mystery. Some guys will wait and wait testing it from different angles. Other guys will clearly never have the balls to take down the prey. I’m not sure if the tactics differ on the day and depending on the chick. On her signals. I have only ever been me. 

I have one guy friend who doesn’t even bother with the signals “in” and just goes for a kill all. A sort of attempt at a mass execution of women. His method of kill is more noxious gas of communicated availability than targeted bite to an individual throat. He uses photo evidence of past conquests to attempt to persuade the unsuspecting female that this method works. I’m not buying it. 

The thing he has missed is that the little chase – that little bit of chit chat – is very important to the female brain. We all know instinctively that most men would fuck anything, including a tree if the hole was at the right height and looked a bit mossy. Men themselves will confess that really the person inside the fleshy vessel doesn’t matter that much sometimes, particularly if they are very horny. 

So the little dance before the decision is for the girl to decide lots of things. Am I the only stupid one that is going to go there, but on balance, am I special enough that it I do fall pregnant he is going to stick around? It’s a little interview as to intent.

Now I’m not stupid enough to think all women want or think a child will result from a coupling, but you can’t argue with millions of years of evolution in our DNA. Deep down there’s a biological urge in a man to widely spread the seeds, and a biological urge in a woman tempered with discernment. Get a good seed because you might get stuck with it. 

Unfortunately for us humans we are too clever for our own good. Behaviours evolved for one purpose can be used for another. For example, some women will hold the men in that chit chat phase never quite making clear whether the kill is there or not. Controlling the guy using his own biology tied like a leash about his neck.  

I would say if there’s any hint that the prey is stalling, go graciously for the kill. It smacks of much more self respect than being that guy panting in anticipation. It might spoil the girls fun, but fuck her and her wiley ways. Be gracious though; if it’s a rejection then take it on the chin. Fail fast and move along. 

And look for out for the “no not now maybe tomorrow” kind of stringeralongers. They are the worst kind that haven’t made up their minds but quite like being chased around. Some women love being pursued. It’s inevitably flattering. 

I would also avoid the holocaust approach or any allusion to it. Most chicks want to think they are special somehow. The one you’ve been waiting for.

Having given all this advice, I admit I have no idea what I am talking about. If I were to wake up tomorrow in a mans body, I wouldnt have a single clue what to do with women. It looks much more confusing and scary being in the other side. So I tip my hat to you all. And say: no not now lovelies, but maybe tomorrow… 



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