After watching the last californication I feel conundrumed.

It flashed back to Hank and Karen just before they separated and shone a light on his apathy in the relationship and her frustration at not being able to fix it. 

In all the other episodes, his devotion and love for her and his daughter had only been apparent.

How to avoid it; how to stop the rot; how to keep the perspective?

The only thing I can think of is forced separation. Compulsory separation. If for example Hank and Karen had been coming up for a two or three month forced separation would it have made a difference. Would such a thing revitalised the vitrified. 

In any such forced separation period the deal must be to rage as if you were completely single. Do as much damage as you can in those free weeks and then return safe in the knowledge that the place you are is home sweet home and the grass is only greener because it’s AstroTurf.



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