Shit Happens 

Shit happens to everyone – it just so happens that those more skilled in the art of surrender allow more of it in. 

You could put two people in the same bar for three hours and watch the events unfold. 

The uptight sales man in a bad wig would perhaps try to control his environment; push revellers away; hold tightly to this things; micromanage himself and others and generally create a narrow pathway through the universe into which hardly anything penetrates. 

The relaxed dude in the tight-knit wooly, with dark ruffled hair, would surrender to the environment; the revellers would pass in and out of his universe; some sticking some not; he’d be free with his conversation and possessions and create a wide pathway of all sorts of random into his universe. Taking opportunity as it knocks. 

Which of them do you reckon ends up having the more fun?

And is probably invited to some exclusive Blues party, and ends up playing a saxophone in some dark alleyway somewhere down-town and off any beaten-track. 




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