Grass is Always Greener App 

Last night I watched a really good stage show and I was struck with the familiar envy. I want to be wearing something shiny and dancing around on the dusty stage!

If I were to chat to one of those chicks that looks just like me, chances are she would roll her eyes and say: this gig sucks. It’s long hours and hard work and forced enthusiasm after a while. Likely she would wish for a cushy office job where she could type and drink coffee and push some paper when it’s raining.

In other words, she might also want to swap lives with me!

Introducing the Grass is Always Greener App (known as GaGa) (formerly known as SoulBnB). 

On GaGa, people post their photos and a presis of their life. An app scans the headshot photo and then “groups” the doppelgängers from around the world. If you like one of them in your group (in terms of their “life”) you can send them an offer to connect. 

Once connected you negotiate the life swap. This would comprise the transfer of your experience and qualifications. 

It’s important that it’s reasonably seamless so once the swap is agreed you both resign from your jobs. 

When you apply for your next job you do it as them. If it was me for example I would be applying for the role of Magenta in the next Rocky Horror show travelling through town. Applying as “Amber Valentine” or whatever my new name is. Fake except only in that it’s not mine. Importantly I wouldn’t have to do all that pesky training and stuff to earn my stripes in my new career. Effectively, I bought the reputation 

There are some flaws in my idea. Firstly, I might suck at my new job. This means I should probably do a bit of training and hope I have some natural talent. To be honest I reckon you could chuck me into almost any job and I would figure it out. Maybe even stage performing… 

Secondly, you might miss your old life only to find someone else has broken it by being a dud. This is the risk you have to take. 

Of course thirdly, and some other numbers, there’s the chance you would get found out. But this is just par for the course. Hypothetically your friends and family won’t know what you are doing. They’ll just think you are having a mid life career crisis. They might wonder why your new work pals keep calling you Amber. The really good swappers would brief their friends and even build in some past fake stories… remember when… ?! 

It might help if you are more senior in your swapped careers. This is because as we all know more senior people don’t do much. So you are more likely to get away with your swap. 

Let’s face it, it would be fun to try a new career and all that time it takes to rise the ranks is mostly traversing the political pyramid. If you’ve done it in one career-life it should be tradable. 

I did a quick Google to see if i could find a life to swap. Basically I did the “human” version of my App – looking for doppelgängers. I found a match with Scahppele Corby. 

Hmmm pass. 

I think …?



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