Snapshot moments

Thinking of those odd perfect moments I have had in my life.

These moments have been when there is a feeling of experiencing only that moment, without any care for the past or future. Its a feeling that I am exactly where I want to be with no comparison.

The moments are precise snapshots in my memory – like a frozen little record. Almost as if my brain reaches a threshold and takes a photograph.

I have experienced that moment by myself a few times. But it is better by far when I feel that my partner experiences it at the same time.

One moment on my own was in Sydney and it was taken as I looked into some plants on the side of a pathway. I must have felt the threshold contentment as I gazed there in a daydream. Its a sort of useless photograph memory without context for anyone but me.

One moment I can recall with my partner was captured as his face. He was playing with my toes while we were reclined drinking champagne in a darkened room just enjoying the sound of the cracking electrical fire. that one is my current favourite.


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