On Love 

I read a blog today by a woman trying to tell me something important about relationships. 

I tried to hear it and I have heard something different every time I have read it. There are some interesting messages in there; some I am ready to hear and some I am not. I can’t control that. I can only open my heart. 

Here is one thing that really resonates:

“you can only really let go of the fear of being alone, by being alone; and loving it as much as being together.”

At the moment, despite being deeply in love, I consider myself alone. Well at least, I describe myself to myself (and others) as “single”.

I am not doing this to protect me, or to reject him, I think am doing it because I am trying to give up my fear of being alone. In order that I can love being with him. It happened subconsciously but I know it’s important somehow.

More specifically, I feel single in order that I can focus my energy into the love we have, and not into the fear that it brings. 

So we are two “single” entities at the moment existing side by side. 

And it’s better than anything I have ever felt before. 



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