the one

An app could be designed to give any male-female pairing a score for compatibility. This could be based on all sorts of things, most of which are unmeasurable, so take my app idea as hypothetical.

Relationships that are most successful are likely to score about 80%. Those terrible ones that wobble around are probably hanging in at 70%. Likely the score changes as you mature, change, develop.

Every now and again, you might meet someone that’s an 82%er or an 85%er and you would have to weigh up whether it was worth leaving the one you are with for the slightly higher compatibility.

Partners that score over 90% might be considered “the one”. However, its worth bearing in mind that there isn’t really just “one” of these, they are just statistically unlikely.

You may have lived your whole life with a 83%er before being knocked sideways by a 93%er you just didn’t see coming. Or maybe that new person started as a 89%er and just crept up the score card as they got better and better, and so did you.

The app would have the advantage of allowing you to play in low scoring relationships, but extinguish them pretty quickly before they get to deep and troublesome. No more second guessing.

My guess is our brains operate on some level with this rating system because we are always testing, hypothesising and using our gut feel. We can tell pretty quickly the more experience we have how likely it is that someone will exceed the 75% threshold, or the 85% threshold. Anyone in the 90%’s is likely to be obvious to us pretty quickly.



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