Funny I wrote this 14 months ago but it is a subject that has been on my mind today. Eventually, I will have written about everything and my blog will just become a big-reblog of aevery thought I have had before. When I have to reblog my comments, things will get complicated.

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During conversation, without knowing it, my personality jumps into a wrestle with another persons personality and tries to submit them.

Those words are all wrong because it sounds like I like to win or that I enjoy to submit. I don’t – it happens this way between any two given people.

Sometimes the other person is squashed under my personalities wrestling move before I have even started. I try to change it or at least if I notice I try to back off, but it just happens. I don’t think you can change it.

The people I enjoy are the ones that my personality has a good wrestle match with. We wrestle each other and enjoy the back and forth. Again, the analogy is wrong because it sounds like a competition, when all I really mean is that it is healthy discourse.

In the wrestle championships I am usually top…

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