More on the hipster 

I watched a doco today about hipsters. It was a multi-part focus on the sub-culture that has swept the globe. 

The narrator (an irritating Aussie bloke that was probably famous 20 years ago) explained that… 20 years ago the options to meet the human desire to “belong” included such groups as Emo, Punk, Goth, Rapper, Clean Cut, Other. Each group had is own uniform. It wouldn’t be hard to find a stereotype for each. 

Hipsters are collectively on a quest for authenticity. Surpringly, the term hipster is over one hundred years old and has often been used in the past to refer to those that try to emulate something that feels to them more “real”. By this I mean there (apparently) used to be youth that grew big beards to emulate the wiser older real men in the community; and those that modelled themselves on immigrants – in the U.S. – especially the cool jazz musicians that influxed the Deep South. The clothes being hobo chic with braces, flat caps and bow ties. The reason that they tried to look and feel like the musicians is (apparently) because they (the black immigrants) were seen as having had an authentic experience in their immigration experience which likely made them real, wiser and interesting. 

In the doco, the guy interviewed a few hipsters in Berlin, New York, London and… Melbourne. They all denied being hipsters which was very funny. It became clear that being a hipster is less about how you dress and more about how you think. Which is somehow more pronounced in the current hipster as compared to the average punk of yesteryear. This is because of their tendency to have the same hobbies and diets. It’s yoga, meditation, mind-state, food that’s not processed and rages against chemical additives. It’s disestablishmentarianism. Which is the desire that the way things have been established are less capitalist and more individualist. For this reason, most hipsters are locavores meaning that they want food to be sourced locally for it to be fresh, reduce environmental concerns in transport, support local markets and thereby promote sustainability. 

As a hipster you wear what you “like” that speaking to the authenticity. Less uniform more multiform. You don’t have to wear those thick rim glasses and get a coife; you just have to buy and wear clothes that you like. So you will never know someone is a hipster because all hipsters all look different. Some even look like zztop bikers. This is still a hipster if they eat raw chia seeds. And think basil should be grown in restaurant window boxes. 

It became clear to me that if I wanted to be a hipster, I could buy as many hipster shabby chic pieces that I like but I have a long way to go on mindset. I’m not saying I won’t get there because today I did buy some brown pasta and a green drink full of spirulina, but I couldn’t be arsed to grow my own herbs and I don’t mind the current establishment. I’m sort of happy with how I am (you can tell from that really serious look in my selfie) and how things are in their fuckeduperedness, which makes me a whole other genre which likely has a tag, I just don’t know it yet. 



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