Note on pathogenic bacteria 

Having given it some thought, I don’t expect my body to toughen up when it comes to bad bugs. A dose of streptococcus pneumoniae in my lung and I am flat on my back begging for the drugs. 

So my lackadaisical attitude to my body and bugs seems a little skewed. 

This morning while shouting at my daughter to “flush the bloody toilet!” and wash her hands, I was lamenting her apparent lack of care for her personal hygiene (which is just one of those empty blathers your mum does from deep within her genes) and out popped the words, “we might eventually evolve some immunity to bad bugs but it will take time and while we wait to become genetic super beings, we have to take care of the more sensitive body that we’ve got.”

Pause. Recalculate. 


She rolled her eyes and wandered off leaving a trail of dripping water. Unawares that I am about to embark on a new high maintenance paleo super diet. Including bone broth. 




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