Not in my Job Description

During morning tea my friend went on and on about how accurate the tea leaf reading lady was. I admit as the story is told, some of her insights were seemingly random but spookily relevant.

It just bothers me as to how this lady can tell what is going to happen when there are in theory any number of possible futures. In the end (and mostly to shut me up) someone postulated that perhaps what the tea leaf lady does is predicts the nicest and most positive path down the spiderweb of possible universes.

This would explain why they never tell you anything bad.

And why (apparently) they always tell you the same thing no matter how many times you visit.

My friend has been told she will meet Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome in two years. She believes this as much as anyone can believe anything. So I pipe: if I suggested we played a game of Russian Roulette with a loaded gun right now, you should be right mate; because you cant possibly die AND meet Mr Right in two years! You can take all kinds of risks now, I say! – effectively you have a free pass on death. You should take up riding a pushie or go off-piste skiing or go driving backwards at 300kmh.

In the end, I conceded that possibly she (the white witch) just points you to the choices and possible pathways that result in a most utopian outcome in the future. If I were to believe that she predicts anything at all. Which I don’t. (Do I)…

In which case, I ask, can we call her something other than a Psychic Future-Teller. Can we call her a “Utopian Multiple Universe Pathway Consultant” or a “Multiple Pathway Good Choice Advisor”.


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