Tea Leaves

So the word on the streets people is not that there is coherence during a time period in which there is more than one possible outcome, but that in fact all possible outcomes occur in multiple universes.

If that sounds like I haven’t drunk enough coffee yet, let me explain: in the Schrödinger’s Cat experiment it used to be thought that when the cat was in the box with the diabolical device, that all outcomes were possible until one was observed and a probability function collapsed. In effect there was thought to be one universe in which all possible outcomes were cohered in a smear and it was postulated that we saw only one of them.

Modern day thinking is slightly different. Now it is thought that all possible outcomes occur and in fact there are multiple universes with multiples of ourselves. This is not a problem for my logic – EXCEPT – that it fucks with the ladies that read tea leaves.

If I go see a lady that reads my tea leaves and she tells me that tomorrow I will get hit by a bus, how does she know which multiple universe path I am about to take. There are multiple scenarios for what could happen tomorrow and in some of them I am bus fodder and in others I am a near miss.

In fact the tea leaf lady could tell me anything and its all true because all things are possible.

Is she able to see which track of the multiple universe branches I am going to take?

Is it possible that by having my tea leaves read I force myself down one track?

Or is it possible that it is impossible to tell anything from tea leaf patterns.




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