Monkey Magic 

We all know that we share a lot of DNA code with monkeys. Or chimps or orangutans. Or gorillas (some more than others). 

I wonder if monkeys and their mates have chakras and energy centres. 

If they do, and I can’t see why they wouldn’t, I wonder if they are all fully open and connected with the universe; I mean it’s hard to believe that a monkey could have a blocked sacral chakra for not fully expressing himself sexually. 

If they do have blocked chakras this could be a clue to how ours get blocked even at primal levels.

Or maybe they are all so open right from the beginning that it’s our human thinking and rationalising consciousness that causes all the problems. 

Are the energy people looking into this?

If you read anything about energy and odd things happening in your body, you will find the buffs all going on about kundalini awakening. 

This is the idea that when there are big unblockages happening in your chakras there are big effects in your body and the energy starts to flow differently. 

A true kundalini rising is something that some people search for their whole lives. 

A really complete rising or awakening is when the serpent of kundalini uncoils from the base (root chakra) and shoots up the chakra path from root to crown. Connecting you to all things. 

Clearly, all the chakras have to be open for this to happen and the pathways should be strong and reinforced. 

Many advise against trying to make it happen before you are ready. And other suggest that you do not try to stop it. It’s all taken incredibly seriously. 

So do monkeys have kundalini risings? Is their energy connected to all things? Can they meditate themselves to the uncoiled serpent. 

And if the monkeys do have these experiences, then do other animals. 

Do cats have chakras? Do dogs have roots? Do chickens have crowns?



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