Imaginary Friends

My Facebook feed is frighteningly boring. It comprises a lot of posts from pals obsessed with vaccinations, palm oil and general other scaremongering. Our food is killing us, governments are bad. And general other crazy. 

It also includes multiple posts about sickness. I am sick, my child is sick, my hairdressers dog is sick. I don’t care for health status posts – they are needy and attention seeking. 

Finally it’s babies. New ones, older ones rolling over and other peoples kids generally doing stuff that is only cute if you share DNA. Of course I post this shit too. I am only human and my kids are very cute. 

I want some imaginary friends. People that I can chose that post really interesting things. Like stuff I find funny; philosophical things that make me stop and think. Maybe some fake photos or something about interesting life changing events. 

Some kind of escapism. Something to take me away from it all. 



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