Excitement attacks 

Everyone has anxiety. It’s as human as any other emotional experience. 

It’s how you react to that anxiety that makes all the difference. Do you just allow it or try to suppress it. 

An anxiety-attack is no more scary to me than is the urge to hop around a bakery when I am so excited to see that they have my favourite apple turnover which they will fill with squirty cream. I hopped all over the place with glee this morning. 

No one complains about excitement attacks. I have them all the time and they are just as uncontrollable. 

I think that any type of physical release of feelings is just fine. It’s nothing to judge or dwell on or try to prevent. In fact, I expect the more you attempt to suppress it the worse it will get. 

Just go with it. Feel it all. It’s good to be alive.



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