Paper and water

This morning I overheard a presentation delivered by two service provider types. It was all scaremongering – selling by fear is my guess.

What struck me was the lack of common sense in the delivery of the information. The difference between how the rules are applied on paper and how they might be applied sensically. It pissed me off to be honest and made me feel like we (the advisors) live in an ivory tower created from hardened papier-mache bullshit.

I am naïve enough to think that when things turn litigious, the paper trail is important but ultimately the facts speak for themselves. The rules are guidelines life prevails.

I have met (and known) one federal Court judge in my time and upon questioning he conceded that most judges try to do the right thing. Words are interpreted and evidence is sometimes stretched to achieve a certain outcome. This only confirmed my thinking and made me loathe the service provider all the more.


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