It’s hip to be square 

I am intimidated by hipsters. 

This is hilarious to me, especially after having just read the actual definition of intimidation, which is a fear of mental or physical harm. 

Clearly, I do not think a hipster is going to attack me. 

Although have you seen their pointy shoes and perfect hair? It could get nasty. 

No, I use intimidation in its diluted sense to simply mean that they make me feel… timid. Well “timid” is in the longer word “intimidation”, ergo my brain has drawn a connection. 

You may further be mistaken into thinking I view (or react) to intimidation in a negative way. 

I do not. 

In fact, I thoroughly enjoy being intimidated. It brings out good things in me. 

I realised this once while at uni when, in order to make a point, a group of old sciencey-men gathered together in what I felt was an attempt to intimidate me into a submission. In fact, it just switched my brain on in an interesting way and I outsmarted them. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Anyway, back to hipsters; I find them intimidating because I don’t understand them so I feel like I am not in some Club. This makes me feel timid and excluded, which in turn makes me feel feisty and defensive. 

When I feel defensive, I can dig into my self-esteem and find all kinds of good stuff. There’s bunches of bonkers in there that makes me feel great.

So I like hipsters, and observe with curiosity the shackles of their hipster-styling. 



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