Anxiety is basically risk management.

Kids hardly have it at the age of six, because they have no real ability to undertake a risk analysis. It’s why they are always knocking over their fecking drinks. 

So, as an adult, to manage anxiety we have developed all kinds of risk management techniques. 

Here are some I can think of and some notes to self. 

-Gathering information: so as to know where you are on the risk spectrum. More data means you can anticipate better the likelihood of a future event. But see note below. 

-Future-proofing: Stop looking into the future, one can’t predict or control it and any attempt is futile. At best you can try to protect yourself from an anticipated event, but how? And really can you? without it stopping you living your day to day life.

-Control: Stop trying to control things; towards what anyway, utopia? Maybe better to live the full spectrum of life. Fuck utopia and all the unicorns that sail in her.

-Avoiding the worst fears. Which are? Mostly unfounded. Living through a worst case scenario might reveal that the worst case scenario was actually living so tied up in knots that you forgot to live. 



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