The clients I work with the best are the ones that know a lot about the patent system, but can defer to my advice when required. Unless they strongly disagree and are willing to take any risk we discuss. 

Really any service provider should be used like this. The client knows enough to get them going, and the service provider fills in scenarios, shoots down bad options, points out unexpected or unknowable risks (based on his experiences) and speckles with gut feel. 

I have some clients that think they know it all. These are easily the most irritating unless they are prepared to discuss rather than dictate. This doesn’t happen very often (and it’s mostly universities and government bodies I have found this with). 

I have some clients (the blunters) who just want me to tell them what to do. And I can, but it’s not as satisfying. Also it means there’s no robust discussions on why we are taking a chosen course. 

When presented with any service provider I see it as your role to question (if you can) and theirs to advise. Any inequity or inability to fill your side should be noted and commented on. 

Do not be mistaken – doctors are service providers just like the rest of them. They have just gotten used to little push back. And sometimes their patients are asleep (like in surgery) which likely tips the balance. They are used to working more on the side of making all the decisions. 

Take the power back. You will get better service. 


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