This nursing system isn’t working. Each team of two nurses looks after ten beds. These can include people like me (whingers), post-ops, and other. 

They have to do observations (blood pressure, oxygen, temp) every half an hour on the post ops. They also have to make sure they get all the right meds. In addition they have to answer any call bell – probably within a certain KPI. 

The aim is to make us quiet I think. So they don’t talk much. Any engagement might result in an elective request!

Two just came bustling into my room. Morning shift. They focus only on the paperwork. I am the human that embodies what ever is written on the forms. 

As they left I bleated, can I have something for this smashing headache …? Because they didn’t ask me a question about how I felt at all. 

They said no. I need a doctor for a Nurofen. 

The paperwork is interminable and needs to be kept in a ring binder. It’s likely there to cover their ass if something goes wrong. The thing is something is more likely to go wrong because they are so busy doing fecking paperwork.

Last night I hit the call bell and it took 20 minutes for the nurse to rock up. I almost took the cannula out myself. 

This is a profession that has been over-regulated and has gone all wrong. They need to focus on smiles, chats and human interaction. 

And they should wear hats.



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