Individuation and globalisation – a correlation 

Having given it some thought, I have decided some of what I said in my post entitled: “post-collectivism” is no longer what I think.

But, I don’t mind chopping and changing my views, because I am desirous to be an individual. And they (the individual) can think and do as they please.

In my earlier blog, I stated that there are two ways to individuate: one by deviating from the norm; and the other by positive reinforcement by helicopter parents. 

On the latter, it got me to thinking that if that’s true; that encouragement as to uniqueness can cause one to pop out of societal embrace, then it follows the reverse should to an extent be true. In other words, those told they are worthless, should also indivudiate, but in the bowels. 

Actually, what I think can happen when someone is abused, is that they can shrink and dis-individuate; hide from the world. This is not fitting with the hypothesis that being told you are different has an effect. 

Furthermore, in order to pop from the collective as an individual one has to first have empathy with the others in the collection, because there needs to be comparators. However, we know that I nly those in the collective (and the post-collectivismists) have any empathy. The individuated do not have it or need it – in fact it would be an impediment!

Did you ever meet a Gen Y with really developed empathy skills in young-adulthood? They are apparently neither nurturing, shameful, cruel or inhibited. To my mind. It’s incredibly peculiar as a condition. 

In fact, I now think that the reason the Gen Y’ers have individuated is less to do with arrogant parenting style and more to do with global connectedness. 

You can’t tell England is an island, until you move into the stratosphere; you can’t tell the earth is flat, until you further into outer space. And you can’t tell you are an individual, until you feel the interconnectedness of the human species. 

Smart phones, Internet, global trade, travel by air at affordable cost, global gaming, global dating – all of these things have caused the Gen Y’ers to individuate faster than us (well, me a Gen X’er). And maybe instantly bypassing any collective phase. 

As for the Chinese, some say they are stuck in a collective mind-set. 

It could be that as soon as their technology network opens up completely and they are free to travel outside of their own country, and use the Internet without boundaries and walls, we might see that second cultural revolution. And this hypothesis on Chinese generational cultural evolution is nicely independent of parenting style. 



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