Dr Know No 

Yesterday I was told about a small start up company called Dr Know. The basis gist of the business is that upon competing some forms outlining your medical history, you will receive text alerts prompting you to go to the dentist or the doctors or have your prostrate checked, whatever. 

Honestly, the idea made me want to roll my eyes and groan. (Actually I did roll my eyes and groan which made the girl next to me scream with laughter). Irritating texts telling me what to do? Delete delete delete. 

I hate being bossed about, especially by my phone. I don’t even like it telling me: “your period will start soon”. 

I can’t imagine ever having the enthusiam for such a business. 

The only amusing thing is that presently, each text is manually written by the over-eager gen Y crew. That at least means they could put in a bit of humour… before I delete. 



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