The emergence of divine scales 

I want to write one more blog on the divine masculine and feminines. 

Only because my crazy energy teacher made me think about it some more then I decided …to blow them up. I do not resonate with this stuff. But I am glad I tried it (and never say never).

A problem I have with these two apparent beings in me (the divines) is that they are metaphors. Or concepts. Or constructs. I get that. Yesterday my energy lady told me a story where the divine archetype warrioress lost control and surrendered to her self on the battle field and she was only made sane and whole when saved by the divine archetype warrior – when he took her and calmed her.

I realised that each archetype needs the other to be whole. And this fucks with my equality value. Why can’t they each be whole. They can’t; thats the point. 

A divine that lacks equality is not acceptable to me on some level. Particularly a divine feminine that needs the masculine to sooth her. Screw that. It also fucks with my freedom value. 

I dislike the cultural and social subconscious play, I need to accept this construct. Anyone who can believe this stuff is not really free in their superego. 

I don’t need to use these descriptors to get the gist. So I have decided to make my own. It’s just two halves making a whole. An equal being because of a balance on each side of a single whole. 

In order to achieve equality there needs to be a balance. I am going to see this concept as scales.

A whole apparatus with two sides that affect each other. On one side is control. On the other is surrender. The aim is to give attention to each side to have the balance. 

Yep there you go. The divine scales. 



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