Today I was asked to write down my values. 

I didn’t even try on the spot – I take such requests very seriously and there’s no way I can generate something authentic if I haven’t previously given it deep thought. 

It took me 40 minutes to think of one. Later, whilst hurtling through time and space they all came to me easily. Flying has always unlocked me somehow. 

Here they are:

 I value (in no particular order): 

1. Equality in all things

This I mean conceptually and applied to everything. I think there should be equal rights, equal status, I think all things are equal. All animals are equal so I would eat them all. All people are equal and should be treated such regardless of colour, gender, sexual orientation. All music is equal and should be listened to without discrimination from Vivaldi to Tenacious D. All food groups are equal from fresh veg to hot dogs in a can. All forms of expression are equal. I value my belief that there is equality in all things. 

2. Freedom

This is my personal freedom to go where I please; do as I choose; say what I think; eat what I like; have sex with whomever I want to; read what I like; I value my freedom.

3. The rights of my kids to have a safe place to grow 

This is a no brainer and affects my choices and actions. I value my kids and more specifically their environment as I can control it.

4. Life Force 

I value life notwithstanding that i think it is transitory. Because of this I am careful with little lives – like those of spiders and ants. (I am not so careful with pantry moths – die die). I think life force should be exercised and life should be lived to the full. No life should sit in solitude, stagnation or be stymied. I value that force that pushes it forward; forces it to grow and take form. I think people should have the courage to live. I value life force.

5. Interactions 

There are many connections and relationships that i make with other humans and I value them all in different ways. Some I love; some I dislike; some I admire; others I just wonder. As a concept I value my human interactions. 

5. My values 

More people should value their own values (!) and instead they let complacency set in. Complacency is the enemy of value. I weed out complacency where I see it obscuring my values. And I am motivated to bring others attention to their own complacency so as to reveal to them the values they already know. I value very keenly my own values.  



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