Sage – and unification 

This is the last of the archetypes and I have lost my interest in typing about them but I wish to complete the project – this is the sage in me.

For me the sage is about wisdom which is to say it’s just about doing things right (as measured by oneseldf) so that life is a little bit easier for you and others.  Wisdom is sought by others but I suspect it’s a tool most useful for oneself.

Theoretically now my divine masculine is complete. I have healed him and given him a voice. 

Now to get him rooting my devine feminine apparently. 

This I am not sure about yet. I actually prefer the image below where they are two halves not necessarily mating. For me sex is only one aspect of our connectedness to others – to unite my divines in that way is so one dimensional. I reject that metaphor. No internal fucking.



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