Warrior Wart 

To me the Warrior is Kevin McKidd in the tv season Rome. 

He is a gladiator and he is masculine and prepared to battle but also kind and makes you feel safe. He might be dirty sweaty and covered in blood but he would carry a little child out of a burning building. 

I am not sure where i can look for my warrior so instead I am feeling into what full expression of this archetype would feel like – I have this jargon down man.

I’m just not sure I am prepared to battle. My instinct is to protect but more in a “I’ll protect the homestead while you use the pointy stick” – the idea being that the children hide in my gathered skirts and are protected from the bloody scene. 

This seems very deferential on my part  – and most likely holds me back in some ways in modern society – but I am not sure I mind it. 

It feels like this has something to do with leadership. I think I need to buy a helmet.



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