Why did they wait till number 5 to use an adjective?

Because as soon as they did the mistake I had been making evaporated   – each archetype isn’t an actual person: an actual king or an actual warrior. It’s a concept. Of course I “knew” that but there’s a difference between knowing and understanding. 

Any verbal construct around something is necessary for communication. The best communicators keep you realising that while there are words being used there is a deeper meaning. The best listeners are those that can hear the words but understand the meaning. 

Lover – it’s not just about a sexual stallion. In fact the lover archetype also includes the love you have and express in friendships, even with your kids. Of course eroticism is in this archetype but not only. 

So they are all concepts. The warrior does not carry a sword.

What I like about my new taxonomy is that I can feel into each as it means to me using the archetype as an assist. Which is better than the reverse (using me to assist a picture).

I also really like the idea that I can now see how my kids have and will develop their archetypes. For example right now they don’t much have the warrior because they are completely influenced by those that love them – in surrender. Their strongest archetype must be the priest – how they interact with themselves – which is as a priest archetype describes in its purest form – with depth of spiritual wisdom and tapping into their being. They are amazing at doing it. 



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